Monday, 15 September 2008

Where your money goes

Those poor little MEPs.

The European Parliament is launching its own four-channel TV station this week, at a cost of €9 million (£7 million) a year.

Europarltv aims to make the 785-member parliament “as transparent and understandable as possible to European citizens” by broadcasting in 22 languages on the internet. MEPs voted the money for the project because they were concerned that too little of their work was being shown on the existing EU-subsidised internet service, Europe By Satellite, which broadcasts only selected debates and speeches.

Don't you think it's all rather sad? Egos sufficiently monstrous that when we don't pay attention they simply confiscate more of our money so that yet more of their sad activities can be broadcast?

Broadcast on a channel which absolutely no one will watch, of course.


Bob Feal-martinez said...

Let's hope millions watch, then perhaps they will wake up to what a waste of time and money the EU Parliament really is, and how their version of democracy is so far removed from ours that people overwhelmingly vote to leave.

However I suspect if will be like everything the Commission controls, it will be selective.

Chairman and PPC UKIP Swindon

Trixy said...

Odds so far on it being unbiased?

Perhaps someone should do some monitoring. After all, if our tax money is being used for it then it can't just put one side of the argument across without breaking the 1996 Education Act.