Thursday, 18 September 2008

That recycling mess

The Mail:

Every family will keep a kitchen slop bucket according to plans for the future of rubbish collections published by Government advisers.

Food scraps and leftovers put in the buckets will be collected once a week - but the rest of the refuse will be picked up once a fortnight.

So, let's go through the whole thing one more time.

The European Union decides that we should all recycle more. No one's quite sure why but once they've decided that's it, we have to comply. So then, in an attempt to get us to throw out less rubbish (or recycle more, depending on who you talk to) they decide to only collect the rubbish once every two weeks.

We all point out that this means rotting food lying around so now they decide that they'll bring back the weekly collection, but only for the food. The other rubbish will only be collected once every two weeks still.

As the article points out, we'll need to buy special new trucks to collect the food, so more expense. And new buckets of course.

So in the end we have more collections than we used to (every two weeks we'll have two food and one general as opposed to two general) and we'll have a worse service (because that food has to be put unwrapped into the food bins so it will rot more easily).

So, more expense, worse service, greater public health problems and all because the EU says so.

Can we leave yet?

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