Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Common Fisheries Policy

The Common Fisheries Policy is simply so appalling that even the eurocrats are waking up to the unfolding disaster.

"In its current form, the Common Fisheries Policy does not encourage responsible behaviour by either fishermen or politicians," said Borg. "The management tools we use reward narrow-minded, short-term decision making."

Decades of political bartering between such fishing nations as Spain, Britain and France have made sure that the current EU fleet, reduced as it is, can still catch up to three times the maximum sustainable yield. It has left several species in key EU waters on the verge of commercial extinction.

"That is why I have proposed a full review" of the EU's policy, said Borg.

"Borg" is of course Joe Borg, the Fisheries Commissioner. A full review eh? Not really necessary, there's already a plan to fix the British fisheries.

It's here.

The other nations of Europe are entirely free to copy that as well: just replace "Britain" with "France" and "British waters" with "French waters" and so on and it'll all work just fine.

I have of course sent Joe a copy just so that he can see what a reasonable and rational solution looks like.I'll let you know if I get a response.....although I won't be holding my breath. That reasonable and rational solution means Joe giving up his power, his job and his perks. Not something that bureaucrats are renowned for doing.

Joe's email address is here.

My letter:

"Dear Commissioner,

It is reported in the Daily Express today that you are considering a rethink of the Common Fisheries Policy.

I'd just like to point out that the hard work has already been done, the plan written.

It's here.

All that is necessary is the implementation. True, such implementation will mean the destruction of your own job and the dismantlement of your department but that of course will be fine for you and your staff. For of course you did all enter public service in order to advance the common weal. Didn't you?
Tim Worstall"

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