Monday, 22 September 2008

Greenie Nonsense

It's very difficult not to laugh sometimes. Here we've got some Green politician arguing about the various different types of energy generation we could install.

This massive under-utilisation of our green resources is also reflected in job figures. According to government-sponsored research, the UK has, at very best, 26,000 jobs in renewable energy. By contrast, Germany has 250,000 jobs.

With the right investment, the UK has the wind resources to be a European green industry leader. As well as reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy security, wind power also creates a large number of jobs per TWh unit.

While nuclear produces 75 jobs per TWh per year, oil and gas around 250 jobs, wind produces up to 2,400 jobs.

She uses this as an argument in favour of wind power.

Which is simply blindingly stupid. "Creating" jobs is of course a cost of a scheme not a benefit of one. If you were running a business, something simple like a whelk stall, would you use the method of production that needed 2 people to run it or the method that used 200 people?

Quite, you'd use the two people method because you know that it's very expensive indeed to employ 200 people.

That wind power needs 32 times as many people to set up and run it than nuclear does is of course exactly why we would like to have the nuclear system not the wind power one.

Really, you do have to laugh at these people sometimes, don't you?

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M said...

I know this is OT, but I had to comment. I'm a liberal democrat from the US. I found my way here after watching one of the UKIP/InDem videos about the EU, and have been reading all I can on your site.

I'm terrified by what I've read, and been told by friends in the UK, as well as British ex-pats I know here. I believe the same things that have been foisted upon you by the EU, are similarly being foisted upon us here. I want to say that I wish that we had members of congress as concerned and pro-active as those represented in your videos. I've not seen any member of my congress attempt anything to inform us on these issues, and it's frustrating. Please keep up the good work, and fighting the hard fight. I will be a regular reader/viewer here as a means to keep myself informed because goodness knows the media can't be bothered.