Friday, 26 September 2008

Well said John

We've always known that teh continental economies are run rather differently from our own. We've also always known that there has been something of a movement to change the way we do things to make it the same way as they do things.

The Rasmussen report was just voted through the European Parliament last week an John Whittaker had this to say about it.

Senior politicians in France and Germany have in recent weeks called for a radical shake-up of the market system. A powerful EU faction that has always been hostile to the City of London – which is known in Brussels as “the casino” – see this crisis as a rare chance to ram through irreversible changes.

“They want to regulate the capital levels of every firm and partnership, limit takeovers and regulate asset stripping. In short, they want to regulate the Anglo-Saxon version of capitalism out of existence,” said John Whittacker, MEP and UKIP’s economic spokesman.

Absolutely John. They just don't like our way of doing things and they want to force us to change.

Can we leave yet?

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