Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Controlling Bloggers

Yes, there's been another dippy idea from a dippy MEP. This latest one is that blogs should be regulated at the European level. Apparently some take their rights to free speech a little to seriously or something. There are details here and here (be aware, that latter uses language perhaps more suitable for sailors and fishwives than maiden aunts).

The entire idea is of course wrong for this reason:

My "credentials" are that I am a citizen of your much-vaunted Union, with the democratic right to say what I like about whomever I like. Those are all the credentials I need, or will ever need. It is not in your power to withdraw that right simply because you do not care for the way I exercise it.

As I myself said on my own blog when this matter was first mooted. You can have my blog when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Unitl then, I'm a free person in a free country and I'll continue to express myself as I wish, using the language and technology I desire, to say what I desire to say.

And if you don't like my views or what I say well, diddums is the only possible adult response.

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