Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Margot Wallstrom: Sexist or what?

As my friend Emma Bonino pointed out today at the launch of the campaign: Women are not better, and neither are men. But the difference is that men think they are better!

We've two choices there, that's either a very weak joke that hasn't made it through the translation process or it's a sexist remark by somone supposedly promoting gender equality.

Today, the European Women’s Lobby launched their 50-50 campaign for democracy, a Europe–wide initiative to increase the presence of women in the decision-making process and to encourage women to cast their votes in the next European elections that will be held in June 2009.

We'd all be rather more interested in allowing people of any gender or none a voice in the decision making process rather than just a presence I think. For example, having a referendum on this Lisbon Treaty thing rather than having it rammed down our throats, don't you think?

It is great to know that this campaign is already supported by over 150 well known personalities from all over Europe, such as Danilo Turk, President of the Slovenian Republic, the Prime Minister of Belgium Yves Leterne

If that's what counts as "well known personality" then the federasts are having more problems than I thought. But the really fun part of it all is this:

The campaign launch will be followed by activities directed towards decision-makers and political parties at European and national level, urging them to achieve equal representation of women and men when lists for the European elections are drawn up and when new Commissioners will be appointed .

Candidates have already been chosen.....You're either about 6 months late or 5 years early. And we pay this woman €225,000 a year?

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