Wednesday, 17 September 2008

UKIP Elsewhere

Up in Wigan.

And North West MEP and member of UKIP John Whittaker has called for the abolition of car parking charges at NHS hospitals in England.
He said: "It is iniquitous that people visiting hospitals, including those in Wigan, for whatever reason should have to pay.
"These are not places that they attend for fun.

"They are frequently worried sick about their loved ones, or their own health, and it is wrong they should have to pay to park.
"With the hike in fuel prices, just getting to the establishments is a problem for many people and parking fees are an extra burden they can ill afford to meet.

"The Scottish Government has made the right decision on this matter and our government should follow in their footsteps."

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Kit said...

Shouldn't these decisions be left to individual hospitals to make rather on the diktat of politicians. I assume John Whittaker will not be dipping his hand in his own pocket to fund the loss of revenue.