Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Vindico makes the point

We've already mentioned that "inquiry" (scandalous insinuation is closer to the truth) by Hans Gert Pottering into the funding of Libertas in Ireland. That it might be CIA money being used to spread the words of freedom and liberty.

A purely personal opinion is of course that that would be a marvellously productive use of both taxpayers' and spymasters' money. That is the point of the whole game, after all, to maximise freedom and liberty. There is of course no evidence that the money did come from such a source, just those insinuations. That Declan Ganley sells to the US military, that he funded Libertas himself in part, so thus....

But as Vindico points out, the EU funded propaganda missions to Ireland during the referendum.

So it's perfectly OK for the EU to throw taxpayers' cash at winning a referendum by manipulating the debate, but when the USA does this it is very bad. Again, for clarity - Brussels throws taxpayers money at manipulating the Irish referendum; the USA does the same. One is bad and one is good.

War is peace. Security is freedom.

Good to get the Orwell in when discussing the EU of course. But please, a word in Brussel's shell-like? 1984 was a dystopian satire, not an instruction manual.

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