Saturday, 20 September 2008

Military Japes

In contrast to the story immediately below I thought this was really rather funny.
A BBC reporter who joined the Army to expose bullying may be sent to war, it emerged yesterday.

Russell Sharp, 25, did 15 weeks before lying so he could quit on “compassionate” grounds.

And last night after furious top brass found out who he was they threatened to haul him back to complete his training — and send him into action.

Senior officers hit the roof because Sharp, whose TV film Undercover Soldier was screened on Thursday, had only a week left of the 16-week course at Catterick, North Yorks, when he said his “girlfriend” was expecting.

She turned out to be a fellow undercover Beeb reporter who was NOT pregnant.

One of the officers demanding Sharp be held to the four-year stint he signed up for stormed: “It cost £19,000 to train him and now we are one soldier down. It would teach him a lesson.”
Unfortunately they're not going to do it of course, but wouldn't it be fun if they did? And wouldn't you like to have been there when they told him what the actual legal situation is? That once you've signed up you've signed up Sonny. Taken the Queen's shilling you have.

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Bob Feal-martinez said...

If it was a commercial station I bet HMG would insist they paid the cost and quite rightly. The motives are neither here nor there, the Commanders are quite right, he took a place that could have gone to someone else.

As a father of a serving RN Petty Officer, I know all to well from my son that the services now recruit far more wasters than previously, who really do believe the hype, and glamour that is now portrayed, and when they get down to the graft of basic training cry 'foul'.