Monday, 15 September 2008

Go Steve Go!

This is all really rather amusing.

THE LIBERAL Democrats have failed to put up a candidate to defend the seemingly safe district council seat vacated by stalwart party member Gary Fenwick. When the nominations were declared today, Friday, there was a glaring absence of a Liberal Democrat.

Not defending a seat that you hold is a little odd for a political party of course. So what caused this?

Coun Cotton said he had no doubt that West Lindsey elections officer Graham Spicksley had done everything by the rules, but the party expected a longer period of time in which to get the papers processed.

"It's usually longer and we thought we were in time, but we weren't. We were surprised ourselves at the shortage of time as we thought nominations closed next week.

"I'm still a bit shell-shocked myself to be honest," said Coun Cotton this afternoon.

Ah, so is this where the nickname Lib Dims comes from?

But what we're interested in of course is who actually is standing.

Standing for election in the Middle Rasen Ward - covering West Rasen, Osgodby and Usselby too - on Thursday October 9 are Geoff Wiseman for the Conservatives and UKIP's Steve Pearson only.

If you happen to be in or around Lincolnshire and Market Rasen why not think of giving Steve a helping hand?

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