Friday, 19 September 2008

Lib Dem campaigning style

Labour is "finished", and so maybe it's time for Nick Clegg's "new type of government". Few details so far from Clegg himself, but for those eager to know how good the prospects are and how the new politics works, a few indications from Chris Davies, one of the party's senior MEPs. "The Liberal Democrat leadership must change its approach to the next European elections or the party risks humiliation," he said in an email to activists, later reprinted at conference. "The 2009 elections will see the Liberal Democrats lose seats in the European parliament unless the party injects passion and aggression into its campaigning style." We can learn from Ukip, he said. "In 2004 it had a simple anti-European message, it courted controversy, and it used the backing of media personalities to secure publicity."

Just a little hint for Chris. It's not just the passion with which you put the message over, it's also the message itself. We did well in the last euro elections not just because of our passion, aggression or media issues.

We beat you because our message was and is right. We simply need to leave the European Union and become a free and sovereign nation once again. And if you're going to try and ignore that point and the vast majority of the British who agree then your future in politics might be shorter than you'd hoped.

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