Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Well, yes Caroline

We knew this, you know this, but some people seem still not to get it.

(Reading Evening Post, 6 Oct): "Dr Caroline Lucas, newly elected and first ever leader of the Green Party in the UK, is also a Member of the European Parliament for the South East, which makes her one of Reading’s MEPs. The Evening Post asked half a dozen passers-by who she was and at first no one had a clue...When it was suggested to her that not many people knew who she was Dr Lucas said: “Well, it isn’t any real surprise given the lamentable way the media covers the European Parliament.” When it was suggested that people did not really care about the EU, she said: “People should care about it because 90 per cent of the environmental legislation that affects this country comes from the EU."

Yup, 90 % of our environmental laws come from the EU....as do some 80% of all of them. Which is exactly what we're all complaining about of course. We simply want to be able to work out ourselves what our own laws should be on such vital international matters as landfill, recycling, rubbish collection and the rest.

But there's good news in there as well of course. Not knowing who Caroline is will preserve the sanity of many of our fellow citizens.

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