Monday, 13 October 2008

Letters to the editor

There's a certain annoyance, it has to be said, in the way that letters to the editor get edited. Take this one:


Wanstead & Woodford Guardian

Guardian House

480 – 500 Larkshall Road

Highams Park

London E4 9BD

Dear Dominic Yeatman

An all party committee consisting of leading Labour and Conservative MPs, a former Archbishop of Canterbury and a Moslem peer has called for a cap on immigration. They suggest a policy of “balanced” immigration only allowing in the same number of people as those who emigrate.

The population of this country is now over 60 million and under this government’s open door policy is set to rise to over 78 million by 2050. Under these new proposals it would “only” increase to 65 million.

England is now the most densely populated country in Europe, apart from Malta, with most of the overcrowding in London and the South East according to government figures.

This inflow of people as a result of this government’s policy of uncontrolled mass immigration has not been accompanied by a similar increase in infrastructure and services to cope with the additional demand on schools, the NHS, public transport, water, and power supplies. As a result, services are under severe strain and the situation will only get worse as there is no more money in the kitty

This policy of balanced immigration is exactly as UKIP have advocated for a long time as we have always said it is a question of numbers of people on a crowded island. This latest conversion by policy makers is of course too little too late

Nick Jones

Redbridge & Waltham Forest

UK Independence Party

Yes, they published it, but they took that last paragraph out altogether. Which rather diminishes the point of the letter, that we've eben saying this all along.


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