Friday, 3 October 2008

Unhappy Tories

But the Tory MEPs who will go into battle on Mr Cameron's behalf are not a happy bunch Already forced to sign up to new rules on expenses, they are now under orders to withdraw from the centre-right coalition that dominates business in the European Parliament.

This was a promise Mr Cameron made to his Eurosceptic Westminster party when he was fighting David Davis for the party leadership. But insiders warn that it threatens to reopen the fault lines on Europe within the Tory party at large and could also undermine Mr Cameron's hopes, should he become prime minister, of a fruitful working relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France....

The fault line they're talking about is that whatever the Tory Party says to us here in the UK makes no difference to anything. Almost all of the MEPs they send are in fact federasts of the worst order. There are a couple of exceptions of course, but it's true of the vast majority of euro Tories, that they're a great deal more euro than they are Tory.

It just doesn't matter what Dave or anyone else in the UK Tory party says about Europe. The part of the Tory party that actually deals with Europe is thoroughly integrationist.

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