Thursday, 9 October 2008

Gold Plating

It's not enough of course that we've those people over the water making 80% of our laws for us. We also have our own home grown bureaucrats gold plating them.

A market trader was convicted yesterday of selling fruit and vegetables using imperial measures – even though the EU says it should not be an offence.

Metric martyr Janet Devers, 64, said she had been made a 'scapegoat' after being sentenced for selling goods on her market stall in pounds rather than kilos.

The mother of two fought back tears as she was ordered by magistrates to pay almost £5,000 in costs and told she would have a criminal record after being found guilty of eight offences under the Weights and Measures Act.

In September last year, Gunther Verheugen, European Commission vice president for enterprise and industry, said Brussels never intended to criminalise those who sold in pounds and ounces.

But the laws under which Mrs Devers was prosecuted are still on the UK statute books.

Just a few days after Mr Verheugen made his remarks trading standards officials from Hackney Council, supported by two police officers, arrived at Mrs Devers's market stall to confiscate two sets of imperial, non-metric scales.

We've also got the most appalling bunch of.....well, no, better not use those sorts of words.....who have the gall to actually try and enforce these stupidities.

Anyone wanting to contribute to Mrs Devers's costs can send donations to the Metric Martyrs Defence Fund, PO Box 526, Sunderland, SR1 3YS.

If current events have left anyone with any money at all that might be an idea, eh?

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