Friday, 31 October 2008

Andrew Symeou

The extradition case of Andrew Symeou was finally decided yesterday. He's to be dragged off to Greece on the basis of very dodgy information indeed and to be tried for manslaughter. This is under the european Arrest Warrant, which assumes that because we're all lovvy dovvy in this European Union then of course all of the courts work to the same standards of evidence, to the same standards of protecting the innocent.

Which, to put it mildly, isn't true.

Gerard Batten has a nice piece in the New Statesman explaining it all.


Alfred the Ordinary said...

Have the results of the appeal been released as yet? England Expects seems to think so.

Alfred the Ordinary said...

To answer my own question, the sad results are Wales
News "British man may face trial in Greece for teen’s death"
and BBC
Online "Student loses extradition battle"
It seems that few have taken an interest in the profound implications of this case for all of us.