Thursday, 9 October 2008

Smacking children

Sensible words from Bob Spink here.

A SOUTH Essex MP has labelled a proposed ban on parents smacking their children as “political correctness overriding common sense”.

Bob Spink, UKIP MP for Castle Point, spoke out after a cross-party group put forward changes to a Gover-nment Bill which would remove the rights of parents to carry out reasonable punishment.

Mr Spink dismissed calls for a law change and insisted parents should be allowed to discipline their children.

He added: “I think it is political correctness overriding common sense.

“Of course, parents shouldn’t abuse their children physically, or in any other way, but this is an inappropriate measure to be taking.

“There are many more important things which should be discussed in the House of Commons.

“Parents should be able to discipline their children. Evidence shows children who are disciplined in a caring way are more socially responsible.”

There has to be some method of dealing with the ankle biters, doesn't there?

I have to admit though that this rather amused me.

NSPCC head of policy and public affairs Diana Sutton backed the call to stop parents smacking their children.

She said: “Smacking children is outdated and doesn't work.

“It’s no longer an acceptable means of discipline.

“It is a national embarrassment. The UK is one of only five remaining EU countries not to have banned, or committed themselves to banning, the physical punishment of children.

As we all know, the reason for the invention of the EU was to stop Germany invading France. Again.

Quite how tapping little Timmy on the tushy might cause the Wermacht to holiday in Paris once again escapes me. So why bring up the EU at all.


Public opinion has turned against smacking.

Good oh. So if people aren't doing it because they oppose it then we don't need to make it illegal, do we?

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