Monday, 3 November 2008

That NEC meeting

All sorts of excitement at this afternoon's NEC meeting. The police called in, someone having to be escorted out with their assistance, lots of shouting and even, whisper it though I only dare, some swearing.

The basis of it all was an appearance by Buster Mottram who the more rich in maturity will remember as the Tim Henman of his day. As he's not actualy part of the National Executive Committee, there was a certain wonderment that he was there at all. Still, he said that he had something very important to, OK, say it then.

Now, put down your cup of coffee, remove any liquids from the immediate area, we wouldn't want you to damage your keyboard or screen as you snort (whether in derision or laughter) at this proposal.

That there should be an electoral pact between UKIP and the BNP!


No, no, really, he said it!

OK, so, calmed down again now?

Good, the details were that the BNP would fight the seats in the north and UKIP would have a free run at the seats in the south at the euro/elections in 2009.

The end result was that, after the shouting (and I put in parentheses, for those who might be shocked by such, the information that there was indeed at this point some swearing) had died down, Buster was ejected from UKIP....I don't know quite what charge was used but in my opinion willful stupidity would be sufficient.

He then refused to leave and plonked himself down ....leading to the police being called and two uniformed officers escorted him gently from the room.

After all that was over there was further interesting news. Martin Haslam (an ex-officio member of the NEC), Eric Edmonds and David Abbot all had their membership of the NEC removed from them. (Edited at Eric's request)

What jolly japes for a Monday afternoon, don't you think?

What really gets me is the stupidity of the basic idea. What on earth makes Griffin and Mottram think that we'd want to make a deal with a group of racist, socialist pinheads?


Vindico said...

Ooh, er. It's all kicking off.
The BNP are obviously worried about next year.
You just have to love the desperation!

Bob Feal-martinez said...

More importantly the usual suspects on BDF have tried to spin it as a 'coup' for the BNP. Trouble is though someone has apparently posted on the BNP site a different version, implying it was nothing to do with them, shame they don't read the BBC news, quoting their leader and another party official.

If it was part of a Master Plan from the BNP I think they need to go back to the drawing board.

Mark Wadsworth said...


That's wilfully bad spelling.