Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cutting VAT

This is a really silly idea actually.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research argues for an eye-catching five-point cut in Vat, taking the rate from 17.5% to 12.5% for a period of two years. It makes a lot of sense, helping families up and down the social scale – a bigger proportion of the income of the lower paid goes on Vat – and providing small firms with a fillip. It would certainly be noticed, unlike fiddling with tax credits.

Not silly in an economic sense, rather, silly in a political sense. Because our provincial government in Westminster doesn't in fact have the power to cut VAT to such a level. We are bound, by our real government in Brussels, to keep the main VAT rate at or above 15%.

Just another example of how we no longer have the power to do as we wish in our own country.

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Vindico said...

This sent me loopy this morning when i read it. In the main section of the Sunday times there was not a single mention of EU restrictions, although it was mentioned in the Business section. Apparently they reckok Darling could use a temporary derogation.

OR he could just stick two finger up at slash VAT permanently, and tell the EU to go disappear up its own arse.