Friday, 21 November 2008

Gerard's Report

Good couple of pieces of press coverage of Gerard Batten's report on the costs to us of the European Union.

Here in the Mail, here in The Sun.

I'm told that he's on LBC in the morning discussing it too (but sorry, I don't know when).

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Hymn with Spade said...

So there seems to be a small hole in the bucket letting out £106,000 per minute of our British Taxpayers hard earnt money.

How on earth can we fix it ... ?

I'm told all we need is to repeal Ted Heath's Act of Parliament to fix the problem which was caused by him signing the Treaty of Rome.

So what's stopping us fixing it ... ?

The British public are asleep walking and need waking up to fix the problem. All they need to do is vote for the UK Independence Party. Then once the hole in the bucket has been fixed, we can then refill it and use the taxes to mend our economy by taking care of our own people with schools, hospitals, local councils and lots of other good projects that will restore our nation to it's former glory.

So let's get on with it please...