Wednesday, 14 January 2009

That Cameron Promise

All sounds very good, doesn't it?

BRITAIN will have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in October if the Tories win a 2009 snap election, David Cameron declared last night.

The Tory leader and his shadow foreign secretary William Hague vowed to put the hated constitution to a national vote in the autumn.

Mr Cameron – who also promised to keep the Pound – made his pledge to The Sun.

He said he would honour the commitment as soon as possible after a spring General Election victory.

But, umm, as there isn't going to be a snap General Election then they won't win one and they won't hold a referendum.

This is as weasel worded and mealy mouthed as Brown's own promise to have a referendum on the Constitution: which we won't have now because they've changed the title page to "Lisbon Treaty".

We've got to get out so that people will stop lying to us in this manner.

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