Thursday, 15 January 2009

Nothing to see here

Move along now....and in fact there isn't anything to see here.

Caroline Flint, the Europe Minister, was reported as saying that we might at some time join the euro. Now of course, we think that we would be an entirely disastrous idea but it does have to be said that what Flint was saying isn't a change in policy or anything.

Europe minister Caroline Flint opposed a promise made by David Cameron yesterday to keep the pound regardless of the circumstances.

She told Metro: 'We will make a dec­ision based on economic cond­itions. We have identified five tests that have to be met: convergence with other European economies, flexibil­ity, impact on investment, the impact on the financial services industry and growth stability and employment.

'At the moment, those economic tests have not been met.'

Britain has maintained the same position on the euro since 1997 when Mr Brown as chancellor devised the tests to assess whether the country was ready to switch to the euro.

What we've got to worry about is when they either stop referring to those tests or start to claim that they've been passed.

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