Friday, 23 January 2009

Free speech and all that.

So our own Godfrey Bloom organises a conference on the thorny subject of smoking. Yes, all sorts of people have all sorts of views on the subject.

That's what we have democracy for, so that we have a peaceful means of coming to a compromise between people and their very different views. And of course a key part of the system is that people are able, if not actively encouraged, to express those different views so that they can be taken into account when making said compromise.

Not, it appears, in the EU though. A decent overview is here.

Quite simply, because at this conference views which are not approved might be promoted, the conference was cancelled. By the authorities. By the Parliament authorities.

That is, the talking shop where compromises are reached is not willing to allow even the premises to be used to express non-compliant views.

Can we leave yet?

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